Amigurumi Owl in Sneakers Free Pattern

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Owl in sneakers

Toy size 22 cm


The toy is knitted in continuous rows in a spiral, therefore it is necessary use a marker at the beginning of each row. At the end of the row Sl-st does not are used. Do not rotate work unless instructed.

You can use any yarn, but it should be noted that the size of the toy will change in this case. Stuff the toy with filler as you knit tightly enough, but do not overdo it so that the toy is not “stone” and does not the filler showed through.


MR- Magic ring

Ch- air loop

Sc – single crochet

Sl-st- connecting loop

Hdc – half double crochet

Single crochet dc column



Loop-half loop

Required materials and


1. Areola yarn 50g / 235m color pink (girls, do not take thick yarn, take a thickness close to mine, if you can not find exactly this.

2. YarnArt JEANS yarn, color 07 (beige) half winding approx.

3. YarnArt JEANS yarn, color 01 (white) just a little

4. Yarn children’s novelty pekhorka color yolk. Straight a little for the beak

5. White felt

6. Safety eyes blue 18mm.

7.false eyelashes

8. A little pink tulle for a bow

9. Content

10. Hook 1.5 and 2.0 and stocking needles 2.0

11.glue, scissors

12 knitting marker (the toy is knitted in a spiral)

13. Pastel, shadow or pencil. Something with which you can tint your eyes in a circle felt


We start with a pink thread

1 row-9 Ch, in the 3rd loop from the hook we knit İnc, 5 Sc (1 Sc in each loop), 4 Sc in the last loop of the chain, on the reverse side 5 Sc, İnc, Sl-st in 1 Sc. (18) (Sl-st I don’t count)

2nd row – 1 Ch, 2 Sc in the same loop, İnc, 5 Sc, 4 İnc, 5 Sc, 2 İnc, Sl-st (26)

3 row -1 Ch ,, 1 Sc in the same loop, 1 Sc, 2 İnc ,, 2 Sc, 2 Hdc, 3 Dc, 5 İnc from Dc, 3 Dc, 2 Hdc, 2 Sc, 2 İnc from Sc, 1 Sc, Sl-st. (35)

4 row-3Ch, 2Dc, 2İnc from Dc, 10 Dc, 6İnc from Dc, 10 Dc, 2 İnc from Dc, 2 Dc, Sl-st (44) Cut out the insole.

5 Row – 44 Sc for Back Loop

6-8 row – 44 Sc. Finish, cut the thread and hide.

We knit a toe (white thread)

1- Fold the sneaker in half and count 10 Sc from the middle, inject hook and knit 20 Sc for the back half loop, turn

Change thread to pink

2- Next in turning rows: 2 Ch, in the 2nd loop from the hook 1Dc, 9 Dec from Dc, turn

3- 2 Ch, in the 2nd loop from the hook 1 Dc, 4 Dec from Dc, turn

4- 2 Ch, 4 Dc knit in one decrease, finish

5- We attach the thread where we attached it when we started to knit the toe of the sneaker,

we tie the toe along the edge of 12 Sc, Sl-st into the side of the sneaker. Finish, cut the thread, hide. You can continue knitting the tongue without breaking the threads

We turn the knitting and then we knit the tongue in turning rows: 1st row – 3 Ch, with 2 loops from the 11 Dc hook for the back Loop, turn

2 row-3 Ch, with 2 loops from the hook 11 Dc. Finish, cut and hide the thread

Next, we knit the owl’s leg itself, attaching a beige thread inside the sneaker at 12 the remaining Loop of the harness (how the harness was knitted in the same direction), and knit along circle.

1 row – (Sc, Dec) x11 (22) for the back Loop

2 row-22 Sc

3rd row – Sc, 10 Dec, Sc (12)

4-20 row-12Sc. Cut the thread at the first leg.

Tying the top of the sneaker

We attach the pink thread to the remaining half-loops of the side of the sneaker and knit

swivel rows (we find the junction of the toe with the side of the sneaker,

counting the third loop towards the sock and sticking in the hook):

1 row-27 Sc, turn

2 row-Ch, Dec, 23 Sc,, Dec, turn (25)

3 row-Ch, 25 Sc, turn

4 row-Ch, Dec, 21Sc, Dec, turn (23)

5 row-Ch, 23 Sc. Finish. Cut the thread and hide. Embroider with white thread laces.

We knit the second leg in the same way, but we do not cut the beige thread.


1 row – At the second leg, we do not cut the beige thread, but immediately start unite. We put a marker and knit 4 Sc on the leg, we collect a chain of 12 Ch, give the legs a little clubfoot and attach the chain to the second leg (to the place where we finished knitting the leg).

12 Sc in the leg, 12 Sc in the air chain, 8Sc in the leg (reached the marker)

2 row – 4Sc on the leg, 12 Sc in the air chain, 32 Sc (48)

3rd row-3 Sc, İnc, 12 Sc, (3Sc, İnc) х3, 12 Sc, (3Sc, İnc) х2 (54)

4-13 row-54 Sc

14th row – (25 Sc, Dec) х2 (52)

15 row – 52 Sc

Change thread to white

16 row – (24Sc, Dec) х2 (50)

17 row – 50 Sc

18 row – (8 Sc, Dec) x5 (45)

19 row – 45 Sc

20 row – (7 Sc, Dec) x5 (40)

21 row – 40 Sc

Next, we cut the white thread without finishing knitting (leave the tail, do not making a knot). After putting on the dress, change the thread to beige and let’s continue knitting the head.


1 row-6 Sc in MR

2 row-6Sc

3 row- (Sc, İnc) x3 (9)

4 row-9 Sc

5 row- (2Sc, İnc) x3 (12)

6 row- (3Sc, İnc) x3 (15)

7-14 row-15 Sc

Change thread to white

15 row-15 Sc

16Row-15 Sc for Back Loop

17 -19 row – 15 Sc

20 row – (3Sc, Dec) х3 (12)

21 row – 12Sc

22 row- (2Sc, Dec) х3 (9)

Fold the wing in half and tie 4 Sc on both sides.

We don’t stuff the wings

Tie row 16 with 15 Sc behind the half loops left. Sew the owl’s wings on

level of the 20 row of the body.


We knit with the same yarn as the sneakers. Girls, I’m not strong in knitting, so if something is not according to the rules, sorry)))

We collect 64 loops and distribute them into 4 knitting needles: 12 stitches (sleeve), 20 stitches (front), 12 stitches

(sleeve), 20p (back)

1-5 row-64facial

6 row-20 persons, close 12 loops of the sleeves, 20 persons, close 12 loops of the sleeves.

We throw the last loop onto the adjacent knitting needle.

Next, we knit separately each knitting needle of the back and front. (We knit knitting, row


7th row-remove the edge loop, 19 purl, edge purl.

8 row – we remove the edge, (2 persons, İnc) x6, 1 person, edge out. (27)

9 row-remove the edge, 25 out, edge out.

Similarly, we knit the loops of another knitting needle.

Fasten and cut the thread on one knitting needle (I did this as when knitting

crochet). (53)

10 row-Knit all 53 stitches with the front, connecting in a circle. I immediately distributed to 4

knitting needles again.

11-18 row (8 rows) – 53 persons

19 row – we do 1 increase for each


20 row – 57 persons

21 row – we do 1 increase for each


22 row – 61 persons

23 row – we do 1 increase on 3 needles

24 row-64 persons

25-31 row (7p) – knit with an elastic band 1×1 (faces / out).

32 row-close the loops without pulling the canvas. Cut the thread and hide it.

We take a needle with the same yarn and pass the needle forward seam along the neck,

but do not drag out, do it very weakly. We put on a dress for an owl and

we tighten the neck. Cut the thread, hide it.

Crochet dress (description by V. Vasilyeva)

We knit a skirt first:

1. Cast on 72 Ch and at 8 from the hook we knit a loop Sc (this will be a loop under

button), then knit Sc to the end of the row.

2. Further by turning rows. We do 2 Ch lifts and again the whole row of Sc.

3. 2 Ch ascent further Sc.

4. 2 Ch Sc until the end of the row, close the fabric in a circle and knit 1 more row of Sc.

5. Next row In each loop, knit 2 Sc.

6. Change the color of the thread, make 3 Ch rises and knit 5 Dc 2 loops, pass in

next do 2 Dc 1Ch 2 Dc 2 loops skip 5 Dc, thus

knit to the end of the row.

In the same way, we knit the following rows to the desired length of the skirt.

Next, we knit the top of the dress and sleeves:

1. We attach the thread to the top of the skirt and knit (try on the dress for your owl in

depending on where you sewed on the wings we make the armholes I had like this)

2 Ch next 12 Sc 15 Ch skip 9 loops then 20 Sc 15 Ch skip 9

loops further Sc to the end of the row.

2. 2 Ch row Sc.

3. 2. Ch and Sc to the end of the row at the end of the row we make 8 Ch we form another buttonhole.


Where we did 15 Ch for the armhole in the first loop, attach the thread of another

colors and knit 3 Ch in 3 loop from the hook do Dc 1 Ch 2 Dc, skip 2 Ch

into the next loop (2 Dc 1 Ch 2 Dc skip 2 Ch) ​​repeat to the end

fasten the armholes. We knit the second sleeve in the same way.

Head and decoration

We attach the beige thread after putting on the dress and continue the head

22 row- (Sc, İnc) x20 (60)

23 row- (Sc, İnc) x5, 17 Sc, (Sc, İnc) x6, 20 Sc, İnc (72)

24-34 row (11p) – 72 Sc

35th row – 5Sc, Dec, (10Sc, Dec) х5, 5Sc (66)

36-38 row-66Sc

39 row – (9Sc, Dec) х6 (60)

40 row-4Sc, Dec, (8Sc, Dec) х5,4Sc (54)

41 row- (7Sc, Dec) x6 (48)

42 row-48Sc

43 row- (7Sc, İnc) x6 (54)

44-46 series-54Sc. Finish, cut the thread. We will sew on top.

We take the same thread that was knitted and sew a little eyelet. Let’s cut a little

thread for tassels, from one end we will make knots and using a crochet

insert into the ear. Sew a little before reaching the end of the second ear, insert more

brush and stitch it completely. Trim and fluff the brushes with

using a needle.

Beak (thread yellow)

1 row-6Sc in MR

2 row-6Sc

3 row- (Sc, İnc) x3 (9)

4 row-9 Sc. Finish, leave the thread for sewing.

We design the muzzle

Cut out two ovals from white felt (I tinted them along the edge) and glue in the middle of the muzzle. We glue the eyes below the middle oval (girls, I glued the eyes, after removing the leg. If someone will be as expected, approximately according to the photo, orient yourself in which row, I am to Unfortunately I missed it and did not notice). Sew between the eyes beak, after filling it a little with filler. And of course, do not overlook stick the cilia, I cut each in half and glued the halves

I made a bow from tulle. I took a small piece and folded it into rectangle, we hide all the slices inward. We wrap with a thread that was knitted dress and sew on the owl’s ear.

Your little owl in sneakers is ready!

Thanks for putting her in touch with me!

Owls of the participants of my online owl in sneakers

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